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Roze Maandag Tilburgse Kermis - lovethenetherlands.com

Roze maandag (pink Monday) at Tilburgse Kermis

Roze Maandag, which translates to Pink Monday in English, is a significant event that takes place during the Tilburgse Kermis. It is a day dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay,…

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Tilburgse Kermis in the Netherlands - lovethenetherlands.com

Tilburgse Kermis

The Tilburgse Kermis, also known as the Tilburg Fair, is one of the largest annual funfairs in the Netherlands. It takes place in the city of Tilburg, located in the…

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Best Music Festivals in the Netherlands - lovethenetherlands.com

Best Music Festivals in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, known for its tulip fields, windmills and picturesque canals, is also home to a thriving music festival scene. Every year, thousands of music lovers from around the world…

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Kermis, a traditional Dutch experience - lovethenetherlands.com

Kermis, a traditional Dutch experience

If you happen to be in the Netherlands during the summer months, you might come across a colorful and vibrant event known as a “kermis.” This Dutch word refers to…

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King's Day, national treasure - lovethenetherlands.com

King’s Day, national treasure

King’s Day, also known as Koningsdag in Dutch, is a national holiday celebrated in the Netherlands on April 27th each year. The day is a celebration of the birthday of…

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